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We are just a small group of friends who like any kind of creative entertainment. We really enjoy making videogames. In spite of hard work, our goal is join in the videogame industry and show our ideas to people, so we fight every day to achieve it.
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Final Survival
Final Survival

Released more than three years ago, so it's pretty basic, our first map :) You must hold on in a bunker armed to the teeth. You have more than ordinary weapons. Close the doors of the bunker for a while, press a button to burn a lot of zombies, and activate neurotoxic gas which is lethal for zombies

New02/27/13Version: 2.1 (final)Released: 1361981944 Views: 11931 Size: 0.95MB By: Creating Worlds L4D2
There is only one way
There is only one wayThere is only one way Video


Natural Disasters contest winner! In this co-op and survival map you will find epic and hardcore scenes in a dark atmosphere. You will face up to zombies in an apocalypic environment between natural disasters such as an earthquake, a thunderstorm, a meteor shower and a whirlwind of fire.

Furthermore, it has special features such as anamorphic lightning, custom OST made 100% by us, physics destructions in real-time, flamethrower and dynamic light generator running on gasoil, custom models and textures, easter eggs, and more!

Map updated to 3.0 version.

Updated03/01/13Version: 3.0 (final)Updated: 1362177510 Views: 245312 Size: 77.24MB By: Creating Worlds L4D2
The Matrix Subway
The Matrix SubwayThe Matrix Subway Video

From the Matrix film, a recreation survival map when Neo and Smith fight! Custom decals and textures, weapon-system based on the film, the L4D1 characters helps you, music of the film, and also BULLET-TIME! Survive more, for more surprises!
New version: 2.1 (The trailer is about 1.0 version)

Updated02/26/13Version: 2.1 (final)Updated: 1361894045 Views: 94646 Size: 21.24MB By: Creating Worlds L4D2
L4D2 Plants vs Zombies
L4D2 Plants vs ZombiesL4D2 Plants vs Zombies Video

A recreation of PopCap game "Plants vs Zombies" for L4D2! A lot of detail added, much better optimization, improved nav, fixed bugs, difficulty system fixed... Custom models, decals, more easter eggs and... THE PLANTS WILL HELP YOU!

Turn on the button and enjoy the ambush!

Updated07/09/11Version: 4.0 (complete)Updated: 1310248156 Views: 158300 Size: 12.69MB By: Creating Worlds L4D2
There is only one way 3.0 - VERSUS Mode - ¡Comentamos las novedades! [ENGLISH SUB] - Video for There is only one way (map)NextPrev
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