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My Little Pony - Live in Concert
My Little Pony - Live in ConcertMy Little Pony - Live in Concert Video

This is my first mod EVER! I hope you like it.

This is a concert mod for Left 4 Dead 2, that replaces the music and posters of Dark Carnival to suit a Friendship is Magic concert. It's been beta tested by three people, and works properly.
In 2.0 I hope to address a misspelling on a poster, an audio glitch that comes with replacing the Jukebox files (for some reason, the music plays slow) and find the texture files for the posters in The Passing (if anyone can help with those, i'd appreciate it). I'm not that great at photoshopping, so the anvil case etc are untouched

Oh, also, the posters were all done digitally by myself. Man did they take a while. Enjoy!

New09/05/11Version: 1.1 (complete)Released: 1315208070 Views: 22264 Size: 138.06MB By: Year of the Fox L4D2
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Rainbow Dash Mac10 Year_of_the_Fox Year_of_the_Fox Posted 1 year ago





I'm reviewing this because there are a lot of jerks out there who do unbelievably low scores because they have a thing against bronies. Apparently the staff just doesn't care because the guy I've been trying to report is still running around pulling his BS. So the next best thing I can do is try to counter people like that by giving perfect 100 scores.

Love the skin by the way. I don't care if it's too bright for this game because that's not the point.