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Dimmu Borgir, in Norse mythology is the place where Satan landed when he was casted from the heavens and created the apparent "Catacombs av helvelte" which is norse for The CataCombs of Hell. Dimmu Borgir is also a black metal band from Oslo, Norway.
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Reviews by Dimmu Borgir (1)
Crossing Over Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Posted 4 years ago

Plenty of scenery and places to explore if one is into that (which i am). A nice balance of panic attacks. Lots of originality.


I really can't think of any. I never found any faults. The first map was a bit bland is all i can say. After that, it was kick @ss.


Enjoyed it immensely. It's rare that a campaign comes along that's all finished and knocks you out with all the eye candy. Also, what Spicy said in his review about the Howitzer was right on.