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Firetower Trail
5/5 Maps Firetower TrailFiretower Trail Video

Update 4-6-14
Will crash after leaving spawn-room if you are running Half-Life 2 Texture Pack ( hl2content.vpk)
Huge thanks to TeckLeo for figuring it out.
I will try to get the campaign to work with the hl2 campaign.

Think I fixed the tank spawning in Hells basement.

I've fixed tons, changed even more. Added secrets, idea's etc. All gnome powers work in case they didn't in 2.4 (I dont even remember.)
I'm sure there are still bugs but this is all I've got for now. Any suggestions, thanks, or donations are welcome at Nicadeamas@hotmail'dot'com
Hope you enjoy. I really like watching the youtube video's of people playing this haha.

Updated04/06/14Version: 2.7 (beta)Updated: 1396792849 (90% Complete) Views: 89595 Size: 175.09MB By: Nicadeamas L4D2