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Tourettes Tank
Tourettes TankTourettes Tank Video

A soundpack from L4D1 that I decided to convert for L4D2. The author behind it, EvilDaedalus on YouTube, gave me the go ahead to upload it for L4D2. This soundpack replaces most of the Tank sounds with clips from the Tourettes Guy. It's not a perfect conversion, but it generally works without fail.

New02/25/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1330225568 Views: 19199 Size: 8.13MB By: Hunter Punter/EvilDaedalus L4D2
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Questionable Ethics : Alpha test Hunter Punter Hunter Punter Posted 1 year ago

Puzzles are balanced and fun to solve

Maps have that "in progress" look in regards to the test chambers

More dangers compared to the first Questionable Ethics


Too many puzzles that use the grenade launcher

Items were a bit too plentiful

One puzzle hard to do in single player

Puzzles plus a running finale don't mix well

Lackluster ending


This campaign did not disappoint and it was just as fun as the first Questionable Ethics. I liked how all the areas had that "under construction" look, which gave me a deeper look of the facility. The puzzles were quite clever as well and I was never stuck on one puzzle for too long except for one....

One puzzle involves you hitting two timed switches that are in completely separate rooms. Normally, you are supposed to hit a target to let the grenade bounce off and hit the switch, and then you jump on the fan to throw yourself across the room and hit the 2nd switch on the other side. However, no matter what I did, my grenades would never bounce off at the right angle to hit the switch near the fan and I wasted all my grenades trying to do it. I had to go up to the switch itself, shoot it, then use a shot to run to the 2nd switch with boosted speed.

As much as I love the grenade launcher, I got a bit bored using it for every single puzzle. Perhaps you could have used sniper rifles for some of the puzzles and whatnot. I was also a bit disappointed at the ending since all it shows is a growing light that covers the screen as the survivors move up. Perhaps you could show them standing next to a car or using said car to drive away after they reach the surface. I don't know if you can fix this bit, but I had a survivor down outside the finale elevator and as I escaped, she acted like she was getting saved, even though she wasn't with us :P

The campaign is still worth playing and you did a great job on it.