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L4D1-themed menu for L4D2
L4D1-themed menu for L4D2

The new version DOES NOT include L4D1 background menu videos anymore, so the mod is smaller. The videos come in a separate mod: "L4D1 menu backgrounds".

But now it has L4D1 FONT! To see it enter this command (better add it to autoexec.cfg):

mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 0

(use your own resolution width and height; add "mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1" after if you like windowed)

This mod has:
- L4D1 font
- L4D1 menu music
- L4D1-styled menu icons (original survivors and color scheme)
- L4D1 generic campaign loading screen poster
- the words Left 4 Dead instead of Left 4 Dead 2 in the background

Updated03/19/12Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1332146381 Views: 13727 Size: 4.61MB By: Jekyll Grim Payne aka Kylljoi L4D2
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S&W 5906 REDUX Jekyll Grim Payne Jekyll Grim Payne Posted 1 year ago

- Great model and hires textures
- Nice shaders
- Brand-new animations
Nice to see pistols that are held differently when single- and dual-wielded.


- I'd like new sounds with these


Apart from classic 1911s, IMO this is the best pistol replacement mod for L4D2 so far. The new version looks even better than before.