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Just a normal fifteen year old boy who loves spending time with his boyfriend of over a year and his friends. Please know that if you want to add me, you don't need to ask. Feel free to just throw me a request and I'll accept it ^^
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Kathy's Scene-ic Kick Ass Sound Pack
Kathy's Scene-ic Kick Ass Sound PackKathy's Scene-ic Kick Ass Sound Pack Video


The sound pack is made from sounds of MANY other packs and shit, so expect a large file size. It is a VPK, so if you want to install it manually, use GCFScape to extract the files to left4dead2>left4dead2>sound.

New05/16/12Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1337206098 Views: 5982 Size: 44.13MB By: !KathyFronche!, Riviera Software, Bethesda, Obsidian L4D2
Meryl's  Samurai Edge Magnum
Meryl's Samurai Edge Magnum

This .44 magnum-chambered Samurai Edge M92FS pistol is on of the very pistols used by Soralice Emotivamente Adolorate, the Italian Assassin from the up-and-coming Resident Evil x Left 4 Dead cross over series by ~ToshirosWaifu on deviantArt. Warning: This weapon has script issues!

New03/06/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1331068301 Views: 15704 Size: 2.22MB By: !KathyFronche! and K1CHWA L4D2
Reviews by Meryl/KathySubichi (25)
War-dog Bill Meryl/KathySubichi Meryl/KathySubichi Posted 1 year ago

+Deeply detailed clothing!

+Shirt/Jacket: The dirt and dust detailing is phenomenal. Especially the slight sweat stains around the neck area.

+Pants/Boots: The idea to make the bottoms of his pants wet, as if he had been wading through water, is genius. It really fits set campaigns, like Death Tool and The Sacrifice. This is one of the first times I've seen Bill's boots not completely all-around one color. This lighting is correct in all places.

+Gloves: They're well detailed~


-The gloves. They use a very nice texture, but the bottoms of them look as if they blend into Bill's arms. I'd suggest smoothing the edges to make it look less so~ (-0.5)


A kick-ass rendition of everybody's favorite old-man-Nam'-vet-zombie killer, Bill. This skin features everything you see and more. I highly recommend this skin to people searching for hints of realism in their L4D2, not too little, not too much.

A fine skin in my eyes, topping the scales with a 9.5/10.