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L4D2 Reloading! Sound Mod
L4D2 Reloading! Sound ModL4D2 Reloading! Sound Mod Video

I made this one day because I was sick of cartoony reload sounds. I have added a few gunfire sound replacements but only on the SCAR and silenced SMG for a deeper effect with boosted volume taken from personal experience. EVERY guns foleys have been replaced except the auto-shotgun and hunting rifle which I will probably update in the future.I do not plan to add any more gunfire sounds outside of what is present. I have been through the files and due to file length constraints cannot seem to improve on Valves gunfire sounds. Report any artifacts or bugs and I will happily try to fix them.

Updated08/24/11Version: 1.1 (beta)Updated: 1314205467 Views: 24417 Size: 4.28MB By: Themantogoto L4D2
L4D2 Reloading!+ showcase - Video for L4D2 Reloading! Sound Mod (mod)
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Snork (Hunter) Themantogoto Themantogoto Posted 2 years ago

Very surprised to find no flaws in the model
I loved stalker


Needs sound for full effect, snorks were so much creepier but that may be fixed ;)


if you like stalker this is way more interesting than many of the other replacements I have had.