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Going Coastal
0/3 Maps Going Coastal

This will be my 1st map release. I have taught myself hammer from what I can find on the internet. I think Valve should incorporate more maps into L4D2 and keep user retention higher for the game. This would benefit the community and Valve themselves. Just my opinion... but hey, ideas is where things are made.

I plan to release the 1st map and get feedback. Immature feedback will be overlooked.

10/31/12Version: 1.0 (unreleased)Updated: 1351731478 (10% Complete) Views: 3347 Size: 0MB By: chatyak L4D2
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Executive-Producer Rochelle chatyak chatyak Posted 2 years ago

Works great!




Is there any way to make this solely server side? I own a server and would love for people to see it without having to d/l and install.