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One 4 Nine Matto Matto Posted 2 years ago

- It's in the Nevada Desert.
- There is A LOT of attention to detail.
- The huge military complex was really fun to explore and it was great being able to determine what went wrong.
- Great feeling of progression, From an overrun house to getting deeper and deeper into the military complex to ground zero.
- Excellent challenge, I was barely scraping through each level with the bots on advanced and damn was it fun!
- The uncommon ammo stashes mean you have to be conservative and watch your ammo at all times.
- Gives you a lot of room to explore.


- The bots on the ladder down to the tomb in the fifth chapter are shocking, Zoey jumped down and killed herself.
- Some areas of the military base are confusing.


Awesome job Kev!You're really talented and I can't wait to play more of your maps!