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Camo TeenAngst (beta)
Camo TeenAngst (beta)

*beta* its just a beta release of what should come out as a reasonable skin, body by arby, camo and vest by k1chwa, and coloring by me! :D new pictures havent been uploaded yet but ill try to get em up when i can

New02/13/12Version: 1 (beta)Released: 1329186781 Views: 9826 Size: 7.24MB By: Wolfian/K1chwa/arby26 L4D2
Rochelle camo purple (head included)
Rochelle camo purple (head included)

another remake of K1chwa's camo, head is included though

New02/10/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1328931379 Views: 5847 Size: 6.55MB By: Wolfian/K1chwa L4D2
Coach camo body (grey/black)
Coach camo body (grey/black)

a remake of K1chwa's coach camo with vest body, but recolored also only body btw

New02/10/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1328931022 Views: 6021 Size: 4.16MB By: Wolfian/K1chwa L4D2
Zoey only body acu w vest l4d2 (red version)
New02/10/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1328928865 Views: 6299 Size: 4.12MB By: Wolfian/K1chwa L4D2
zoey body acu w vest l4d2 (red version)
zoey body acu w vest l4d2 (red version)

a remake of K1chwa's zoey body_acu w vest, or, red camo zoey lol much shorter :D . iall i did here was a simple recolor all or most of the credit should go to K1chwa.
p.s. for the sexy zoey undershirt part im not sure of the real author so if im told ill add em to credit more will be uploaded soon

New02/10/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1328922693 Views: 4985 Size: 15.57MB By: Wolfian/K1chwa L4D2
The Dark "Nike" Zoey
The Dark "Nike" Zoey

a remake of k1chwa's Ana zoey, some tweaks need fixing here and there, but ive been waiting to release. Of course thx to splinks, without his help i can't mod, or atleast attept to mod lol........This mod is the classic zoey, but with a darker or "tanner" skin tone, complete with makeup and custom writing of "ZOEY" written on her jacket in the front in different colors :D...icap image is now fixed

Updated12/27/11Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1324967535 Views: 6716 Size: 15.55MB By: Wolfian/k1chwa L4D2
Raided Rochelle
Raided Rochelle

A reversion of Meryl's Sexy Rochelle skin re-modified by Wolfian, edited by Splinks, screenshots and icons also edited by Splinks, Rochelle barely surviving a zombie mob, you can find update 2 and 3 in the Raided Rochelle's folder. *News* a new skin will be made of the raided rochelle, it will be like this one with tweats and hopefully better looking everything :D but this is just a heads up so.....ya

Updated11/29/11Version: 4 (final)Updated: 1322628724 Views: 10231 Size: 11.59MB By: Splinks/Wolfian/?Meryl¯?¯/TOG|K1CHWA L4D2
Reviews by Wolfian (2)
Executive Rochelle Wolfian Wolfian Posted 2 years ago

It is still rochelle, not some weird remake
She is prettier, like how she is just a bit thinner...i think :P
the colors look very vivid and detailed, as well as the face
new bracelet or watch, i believe
smoothed skin, at least on her face
highly detailed, as most of your skins


the skin tone between her face and her arms/ legs looks awkward to me, are they the same tone? i see it in 4th pick
makeup seems to have been toned down, and doesn't look like she is still wearing as much, same as fingernails :( i kno it is more realistic but, im my opinion her face was prettier in original one you made. no points away though
the colors are nice but something about just doesn't seem to fit ,again no points away for that


Very nice skin, again one of my favorites out there, hope you continue to make em this good :D, also if you can, do u think you'll make more rochelle skins, like possibly another version of mudwoman rochelle :D)))