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I love the Left 4 Dead games and make a lot of videos on them. I like to communicate with the community and try to better it.
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[SURVIVAL] Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof Day/Night Modes angryTANK angryTANK Posted 1 year ago

- Official looking
- It's Whitaker, who doesn't like that?
- Access to the roof and Gunshop
- Ample supplies
- Room to run around outside of the Gunshop and the Save 4 Less


- Guns randomly disappear when you pick up new ones
- NAV issues: Survivors sometimes get stuck on the ledge of the roof, and SI get stuck trying to climb up certain "ladder" areas
- The Save 4 Less door is unbreakable, so spawned SI get stuck behind it and you're not able to shoot them through the door


I love the idea behind it and I do still like the map, but you really do need to work on some issues. Especially then NAV ones. Good job all around, though.