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[mL] Radioactive Pipebomb (Blue) Thundagawd Thundagawd Posted 1 year ago

+ Glows in the dark
+ Cool pulsating glow effect :D
+ ALL explosions have a bluish tinge (Including the grenade launcher)
+ Easy to spot in realism mode
+ Makes survivors stand out in realism matches, making it easier to regroup


- whatchu talkin' about, cons?!


Yet another amazing item reskin that glows in the dark, along with your techpills, A1's glowing blue Half-Life 2 medkit, K1chwa's glowing boomer bile and venom adrenaline shots, the futuristic overhaul the items are getting are giving the game a cyberpunk-esque feel which is quite incredibly awesome, and since the "weapon_fx.pcf" particle effect overwrites ALL explosions to have a bluish tinge to them, it also gives the grenade launcher a bit of a Warhammer 40K plasma cannon feel to it :D

Your mods are quite honestly some of my favorite on the site, keep up the good work :D