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I'm the Big Boss!
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Tank & Credits Music Replacements
Tank & Credits Music Replacements

Hey there!
This is my first mod and i was just testing around, so that's why i combined those two instead of making two separate mods.
Tank & Taank music: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction: Captain Slag.
Credits music: Bleach: B13a.
I also take requests. So if you want a song as a mod, name these 3 things:
1: Which song to use?
2: Which song to replace?
(Optional) 3: A place for me to download the song.

New10/14/12Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1350214068 Views: 2593 Size: 134.36MB By: BigBoss72 L4D2
L4D2: Globus - Europa
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L4D2: Globus - Europa Download Available
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New Saferoom Door BigBoss672 BigBoss672 Posted 1 year ago

+ Looks real.
+ Finally, a new mod. Most new mods are mods that have been posted before.
+ Pretty good looking overall. Greyish steel.


- The mad scientist called Cons has been murdered. He cannot create any Cons anymore.


Awesome! Downloading right away.