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Server Browser By Kadaj Silverwing
Server Browser By Kadaj Silverwing

I made my own server browser addon after looking at some others here and seeing that they somewhat messed up mutations or something else. so i made my own that works entirely without any main menu errors. I made this from comparison and editing. I'm uploading just in case someone finds out they would want one that works correctly also.

New03/16/14Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1395028361 Views: 656 Size: 0MB By: Kadaj Silverwing L4D2
weathered louis (head only)
weathered louis (head only)

this was requested and i hadn't been on in a while so i saw the comment and decided to do it while i was on here again. this is uncle rages weathered louis head orignally from l4d . i only take credit for uploading. if it needs to be removed i will .

New12/05/13Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1386279301 Views: 1699 Size: 2.06MB By: uncle rage & kadaj silverwing L4D2
Weathered Louis (Dark) With Scarred head
Weathered Louis (Dark) With Scarred head


Light version linked below

This is Uncle Rage's weathered louis that was origanlly on l4d1 and was brought to l4d2 . The reason i am uploading it is because i wanted everyone to have the chance to have this in l4d2. All i did was add the head model and upload it here. I take credit for adding the head to the file that is all!! Everything else goes to Uncle Rage.
*Note* I did not ask for permission for this so if needs be i will take it down but i figured it couldnt hurt anything...

Both Light and Dark versions will include the scared head.

New12/20/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1356036709 Views: 6214 Size: 6.41MB By: Kadaj Silverwing L4D2
Melee while Downed
Melee while Downed

simply allows you to use melee weapons while downed... no more falling down with a melee weapon and all of a sudden you got a pistol in your hand. (works for single player and for local server as well as custom servers)

Herbie confirmed: this works on custom servers!

currently affects all melee weapons including the chainsaw.

New12/18/12Version: 1 (beta)Released: 1355816953 Views: 8932 Size: 0MB By: Kadaj Silverwing L4D2
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CS:GO Arms Race Maps Kadaj Silverwing Kadaj Silverwing Posted 3 months ago

3 cs:go maps (read below)

are able to run around with a lot of supplies
NO CAMPING (god i love that)
have to move constantly

nothing to overwhelming or underwhelming (meaning its so good im speechless)


could be too much supplies?
one bench of baggage is invisible (at the start area)

seemed smal, and cramped (not really a con though)
crashed from spawns (not entirely sure if it was this map though cause it could be a vavle issue)
they spawned in front of me 1 tiime as far as i saw.


please forgive me but i have not done monastery yet.

so heres something to think about. upon loading up one of these maps when you are in game you cannot switch to another because it (will not allow you to go to custom for some reason) meaning you cannot go to monastery from shoots and etc.

bench with baggage invisible at beginning area of baggage but you see its shadow.

would love to see it implennted some way intoi a campign using all three maps. (idea not required people)

based of my game play inside these maps (remeber i havent played monastery yet) i would give this a straight 9 out of 10.

im giving it a 9 because as much as it is it isnt my opinion that matters it is the map makers. so if he/she likes it the way it is it will stay that way. i simplely left out 1 point based on cons and the fact id love to see this constantly worked on and updated right till its final release. i was indeed impressed with this work and would love to see more.