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Hi Guys I moving onto The Sims 2 now and Sims 3 i got addicted to it again, but i will finish my mods coz i'm creating mods in sims 2 and 3 it's much more easier :) I'm also moving onto Warcraft Mapping Now, Warcraft the only thing i know how to create a
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Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2
Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 Video

This is a script that I made for fun read changelog for full info
notify me when it's not working

This is not a plugin it only spawns l4d1 survivors pls. read changelog VERY important!
it's really pretty easy to use

Still in progress with Bill thought :)

New03/29/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1333066402 Views: 20156 Size: 0.01MB By: monstergaga(l4d) L4D2
Coach Replaces Boomer
Coach Replaces BoomerCoach Replaces Boomer Video

His a one man cheeseburger remember first you must
enter sv_consistency 0 before playing and it means you pretty much can't use in any
online server so sorry. . .
no soundpack yet and the corpses of exploding is still boomer feets not coach still in BETA

New02/25/12Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1330217255 Views: 12102 Size: 3.23MB By: Applesauce Omnom L4D2
Rainbow Adrenaline
Rainbow Adrenaline

Ellis is gonna Love this :D XD
i have now uploaded the adrenaline. . .

New02/24/12Version: 1.1 (complete)Released: 1330127667 Views: 5701 Size: 0.01MB By: kimoto/Urik L4D2
Rainbow Pills
Rainbow Pills

there also adrenaline this mods add some rainbow color on the pills and adrenaline
so it will make it more colorful!

New02/18/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1329556014 Views: 6278 Size: 0.02MB By: kimoto/Urik L4D2
Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice
Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice

Works with skins on i turned on my Zoey Green Mod so it affected it
and yes i think it works with nude Zoey(maybe it will work)
or what i know i know i really don't like
killing Zoey . . . :(
Tough Luck Ellis

New02/03/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1328313150 Views: 31819 Size: 6.24MB By: 最爱Rochelle L4D2
Venom T-Shirt Ellis
Venom T-Shirt Ellis

Ellis is Venom
ooohh. . .
its not really violet his t-shirt is black and there is
a venom face

New02/03/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1328267205 Views: 4285 Size: 1.32MB By: Venom_815 L4D2
Venom Tank
Venom Tank

A Venom Tank
where's spiderman when you need him

New02/03/12Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1328266755 Views: 23557 Size: 0.96MB By: Venom_815 L4D2
Homer Simpson (boomer)
Homer Simpson (boomer)

something to share to you people Homer Simpson is now in l4d2
He is so hungry, he could eat... A FOX! a stupid fox...

either way, he is fully working, except ill think about his blown-up-corpse state, where the legs are left behind. they currently leave boomer legs.


New02/02/12Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1328179251 Views: 50293 Size: 0.37MB By: TheRunningDafini L4D2
K-On Survivors
K-On SurvivorsK-On Survivors Video

Okay Guyz its just a re-upload. . .
K-On survivors are now here in l4dmaps

Mio - Coach
Tsumugi - Ellis
Ritsu - Nick
Yui - Rochelle

Azusa - Zoey
before putting it to l4d2

Extra Tags :(don't mind)

New01/29/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1327818639 Views: 101428 Size: 14.18MB By: Wheezle L4D2
Horde of BaBies (sound)
Horde of BaBies (sound)Horde of BaBies (sound) Video

hilarious i want you to download it because its so amazing
ahahaha. . . . . BABIES!! i added random screenshots because its
a AUDIO get it!! okay enjoy!
Replaces the normal sound of an oncoming horde with terrifying laughing babies.


New01/18/12Version: 0.1 (complete)Released: 1326883847 Views: 6218 Size: 0.84MB By: BrokenDahlia L4D2
Lady GaGa (Witch)
Lady GaGa (Witch)

OMG! my idol is here and dam she's a witch if you want to kill
Lady GaGa she's now here in L4D2 ready

NOTIFY me when its not working

New01/14/12Version: 0.1 (beta)Released: 1326583636 Views: 76975 Size: 2.92MB By: Starshadow76 L4D2
Zoey Green (L4D2)
Zoey Green (L4D2)

i would like to share this mod for all of you and its a really nice touch for Zoey's jacket
i like though what do you think? :P

New01/14/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1326546808 Views: 5054 Size: 4.64MB By: Ayden snee snee L4D2
L4D2 Sound - Horde Babies - Video for Horde of BaBies (sound) (mod)NextPrev
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Licker (Hunter) monstergaga(l4d) monstergaga(l4d) Posted 1 year ago

- I love RE
- Its perfect fit to be a hunter
- it looks completely like resident evil licker
- crawls creepy but nice
- good textures
- it makes my heart go boom if i'm playing this.


- Sometimes the pounce of the hunters makes the survivors in an opposite direction
- in some maps when it dies it complete goes invisible
- no sounds
- in versus mode no FPS


- 4got to add a review i totally miss this!! but i got better things to do
when i enter this site it brings back my old memories :).