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Dead Before Dawn DC RandySunn RandySunn Posted 2 years ago

-Strong intro chapter/ finale chapter
-Custom Introduction
-Personable Characters
-Well produced, setting appropriate music
-Interactive environment props
-Quirky advertisements/ wall scribbles
-Balanced item density
-Logical chapter transitions
-Not too overbearing in scope or too linear in navigation. Multiple paths offer a slightly different experience while managing to tie together.
-Generous spawn closets


-Slowed pacing with monotonous events
-Antiquated first person platforming
-Fetch quests
-Forgiving but tedious gauntlet event
-Stretched out role of voice actor
-Hit or miss delivery on voice acting. Can be hammy/ overreaching at points, even for L4D standards.
-Overlapping dialogue
-Little to no survivor interactions, conflicting with the strong personality of H. Kowalski. Surprising omission that makes survivors feel detached.
-Sterile enviroments/ identical props contrast with decimated parts of post-apocalypse mall.


Dead Before Dawn 2 is an excellent campaign soured by poor, repetitive game play and inconsistent mapping in between. It absolutely shines in some areas, but also falls completely flat in almost equal measure. The end result is an experience that has occasional highs, but unfortunately has too many lows to forgo.


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