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Crimson Head
Crimson Head

This is still a beta, needs some work here and there, feel free to comment and review (reviews are very appreciated x3)

Updated11/13/12Version: 0.5 (beta)Updated: 1352845631 Views: 13469 Size: 10.34MB By: Dormin L4D2
Rocky Balboa Theme Credit Replacement
Rocky Balboa Theme Credit ReplacementRocky Balboa Theme Credit Replacement Video

My first mod, ever! Hope that you enjoy it, if you find any problem or have any sugestions please let me know. I also want to thank lxl Stacker lxl for helping me, thanks man, I love you :P

New08/04/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1344111734 Views: 2925 Size: 13.57MB By: Dormin L4D2
L4D2 Rocky BalboaTheme Credit Replacement - Video for Rocky Balboa Theme Credit Replacement (mod)
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L4D2 Rocky BalboaTheme Credit Replacement Download Available
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Decayed Jockey Dormin Dormin Posted 1 year ago

Excellent textures
Custom model
Left hand and the lower jaw are ripped off




This is, in my opinion, the best Jockey mod out there, totally makes the Jockey creepier and better.

I hope you keep making more SI, beacuse your work is the best of the best :D!