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Ellis Skyrim fan
Ellis Skyrim fanEllis Skyrim fan Video

A mod requested by me to K1chwa, he said he made it for me and I can do whatever I want with it as far as I credit him so yeah that's what I did. Screenshots also taken by him.

New05/31/12Version: 1 (final)Released: 1338497822 Views: 5340 Size: 3.79MB By: K1chwa (Requested by BenioX) L4D2
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Let's Build:2012 BenioX BenioX Posted 1 year ago

- Awesome, I love build-stuff-maps
- My fave guns are in it...
- I love the high-jumping, feels like on another planet


- Some stuff takes too long to build, and to person who lags, like me, it sometimes restarts so it's pain if it's like 39/40 seconds done, then lag, and gotta restart all the friggin 40 seconds
- Not many good servers running it
- Bots are dumb (as always)
- 2 tanks spawn per some time, quite often. Once per while would be enough
- At the 2 generators which are up there are too often SI spawns as well as tank spawns which make getting generators to work pretty much hard
- Hunters and jockeys almost always miss due to the gravity stuff


even though it has more cons than pros, I still give it more than half as I love the design and it has potential to be the best one.