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Developer Console Button In-Game
Developer Console Button In-Game

Planning to add a Developer Console button to the In-game Main Menu. If anyone has experience on how to enable for beginner/non ~ button users would be appreciated.

New05/30/12Version: 0.001 (alpha)Released: 1338415223 Views: 2294 Size: 0MB By: Drumrush7 L4D2
Music Removal
Music Removal

Mutes atmospheric music to include only jukebox and concert music untouched. Don't use with other music mods as they can conflict. Doesn't mute death sounds, saferoom music, credits, main menu music and success music.

New05/27/12Version: 1.0 (alpha)Released: 1338136632 Views: 1508 Size: 0.01MB By: Valve/Drumrush7 L4D2
Halo 3 - Assault Rifle Massacre - Video for Halo Assault Rifle (mod)
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Halo 3 - Assault Rifle Massacre Download Available
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The Parish - Coach's CEDA Trailer Warning Poster Drumrush7 Drumrush7 Posted 1 year ago

-Simple texture replacement for a simple task.
-Now is actually the same words that Coach says before leaving the trailer in the park.
-Simple, doesn't make Coach seem so nearsighted.


What do you mean cons?

There are none of course!


Simple, effective, and was surprised that you actually caught this. I never really noticed that sign before, but now that I do, this mod made more sense than the original. Well done.