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Bitches be jelly. Dont ask me to update my vocalizer, but I wont if I dont want to.
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Camoo's L4D1 Radial Menu
Camoo's L4D1 Radial Menu

For the love of God stop pestering me. Its out. Finally I got of my lazy arse and got to work on the L4D1 version of my semi-popular radial for L4D2. This one works just like my first radial, but more suited, and enjoyable (in my opinion) than the L4D2 version. Anyway enough bs. Click the download.

New06/15/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1339805836 Views: 11043 Size: 0MB By: |NMRiH| Camoo L4D
Camoo's L4D2 Radial Menu
Camoo's L4D2 Radial Menu

This is a small radial voice menu which allows you to use previously locked commands at your own whim, (or possibly at someone else's will) and voice spam for your favourite characters which include;

Updated05/20/12Version: 1.3 (complete)Updated: 1337549984 Views: 37845 Size: 0.33MB By: Camoo L4D2