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Highway To Hell
5/5 Maps Highway To HellHighway To Hell Video

Another Update.
Now Available in Steam Workshop!

The streets may seem devoid of anything civilized, but make no mistake. The military owns this town and is not going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, the apartment you've been hiding out in is no longer a good place to stay and the military evacs are about to end. It's about time to get going.

Also, feel free to use the custom assets within the vpk, just give credit where it's due.

Updated08/31/13Version: 4.5 (complete)Updated: 1377925400 Views: 272383 Size: 330MB By: Unlawful_combatant L4D2
Highway To Hell
2/5 Maps Highway To HellHighway To Hell Video

**Do Not Use With L4D2, there is a separate download for that**
This project was planned to expand further, but with valve planning to port all of the L4D1 content into its successor, there is not much point in porting content into l4d1.

Updated11/26/09Version: 2.5 (alpha)Updated: 1259258504 Views: 157533 Size: 156.23MB By: Unlawful Combatant L4D