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Gruntilda witch music
Gruntilda witch musicGruntilda witch music Video

Replaces the witch startled theme with a theme old school gamers will recognize ;)

New05/20/13Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1369089876 Views: 1978 Size: 117.59MB By: Haz L4D2
G-Funk Concert
G-Funk ConcertG-Funk Concert Video

For my very first mod I wanted to bring something fresh into the zombie atmosphere, so grab your bats, get your funk on, and kill some zombies to some head bang music.

1st-Dream Team by Pass Pass
1st Tank-Do it bag by Instrumentals
2nd-Direction la barak by Le Chenil
2nd Tank- Respect by Ethnik Alliance

New05/20/13Version: 2 (complete)Released: 1369027428 Views: 1550 Size: 125.64MB By: Haz L4D2
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Gruntilda witch music replacement Download Available
L4D2 G-Funk Concert Mod Download Available
Reviews by Haz (2)
The Real Dark Carnival Haz Haz Posted 1 year ago

-Very realistic, specially in forest-like parts, adds that suspense that anything can pop out of nowhere.
-Makes you have that "oh crap" moments when SI spawn far away from you since you can't see them at all (specially with tank).
-Easy to freak out when horde surrounds you in certain places since its pitch black (on higher dificulties).
-Works amazingly with glow in the dark skins/models.


-Some skins/models won't be as apriciated as usual due to the complete darkness as opposed to glow in the dark skins/models (no points deducted though).
-Default flashlight isn't bright enough, had to use a birthter one.


Overall amazing mod, it really puts your sense as to what might be lurking around and gives that tension and suspension-like feel that the game desperately needed.