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You call me Ouji if want! I will do any skins that you want, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, and for your knoledge, I'm a Homestucker not a Ponytard. :) Get the facts right, I will cope with you ponies but do not refer to me as a pony. >:U..
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This is my actual custom and first skin I did, there's probably a tone of errors like the Derpy Ellis one, but I'm actually proud of it! and the jacket, the pictures are blurry 'cause I used my webcam to get them off my jacket for this, I still need to learn more, comments and advice would help!

Updated07/23/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Updated: 1343039953 Views: 9352 Size: 13.73MB By: Ouji L4D2
Derpy Ellis!
Derpy Ellis!

This was for just a friend who likes MLP, anyone who like it can have it!

New04/25/12Version: 0.2 (complete)Released: 1335387409 Views: 4231 Size: 14.71MB By: Ouji L4D2