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Displaced Left4DeadX11 Left4DeadX11 Posted 3 years ago

Great Realistic feel to the map. It felt a lot easier than other survival maps, which makes me want to play it more often because I'm not dying in the 1st minute after being bombarded with infected. I loved the fact that you put in the M60 machine gun, as it lets you get used to it rather than using the only one in "The Passing". The other thing that pleased me is the file size. Now, I know that other maps are pretty much the same as this, but this is the lowest file size that has a really nice package inside. In the changelog it says you have added versus (which I haven't tried yet), which means that it pretty much doubles the play time that you can get from this map.


The only one I can think of is that there is nothing from stopping you getting over the fence and crashed tanker at the back of screenshot 1 & 2. Nothing major, but me and my friends always test the map for glitches after we've played it, and we found that if you went into the hole in the tanker, it is impossible to get out of. As I said, that is nothing major (unless you go into the tanker), and you shouldn't worry too much about fixing it.


Great map, certainly the best I've played since getting Left 4 Dead 2. Lots of health packs mean you can survive longer and it isn't even an overly hard map to survive in, even with the health and the M60 machine gun. But no maps can be perfect, and the issue I described in the "Cons" section should explain it in more detail. The only thing I'm going to say is... When's your next map coming out??