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Tank Challenge v1.2
Tank Challenge v1.2Tank Challenge v1.2 Video

An offshoot of Tanks Playground, a little idea we had while playing Tanks Playground with friends.

Survive waves of tanks with increasing difficulty until rescue after wave 10 (or 30, new!).

At each wave, one additional tank will spawn.

Have fun!

Updated08/24/13Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1377375878 Views: 47252 Size: 8.05MB By: obez L4D2
Tanks Playground v2.7
Tanks Playground v2.7Tanks Playground v2.7 Video

My tribute to the Tank Fever series by Lain.

Target difficulty is Normal; Advanced and Expert are beatable.
Rescue (10min) can come at 3 different places around the map.

Survival with stages (a bit like Helm's Deep)
Now with 7 stages, timings are relative to each stage's start.

Versus / Taaaaank!:
By night, experimental, not thoroughly tested.

Be sure to read the release notes.

Have fun and if you like the map, consider joining the Steam group, Tanks Playground L4D2 (TankPlaygrnd) to connect with other players and submit bugs/ideas.

Thanks to Necrofries and Lain.

Updated12/24/13Version: 2.7 (complete)Updated: 1387892187 Views: 251868 Size: 32.4MB By: obez L4D2