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Zooicidal Tendencies iAmHammett iAmHammett Posted 1 year ago

- Very very accurate and fun design. I might as well be actually there!

- Gorilla Tanks? That really rustled my jimmies. But in a good way!

- Very bright aesthetics.

- Lots of great places to hold up.

- Plenty of gas tanks. I'm a total pyromaniac!


- Arguably a bit too chaotic/difficult, but perhaps not... who knows.

- Every door that you seemed to be able to open was locked. What a tease :(


I'm gonna have a hard time believing this is, for the most part, an original zoo design/layout. This feels like an honest to goodness zoo! I had a lot of fun scoping out the place and then thinking of ways to defend myself. And the attention to detail in the design and textures, the bright aesthetics, etc. really show whoever made this has some real modding talent.

I can definitely see myself going back to this map from time to time and I've hardly even played Survival!