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AftershockAftershock Video

This is my entry for the natural disaster contest.

The four survivors have been hiding in a bunker, until mother nature decided to interfere. Earthquakes make hiding in the bunker dangerous, so they move out to the nearest safe spot.

Updated09/01/12Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1346524156 Views: 16003 Size: 108.66MB By: Imitate L4D2
Reviews by imitate (2)
Gridlock imitate imitate Posted 1 year ago

+ The amount of detail you managed to put in such a lengthy map is astonishing.

+ Overall performance was great. Did not experience any framedrops etc.

+ The scripted events look great and makes you panic, which is a good thing.

+ Music, soundscapes and sound effect were pretty amazing.

+ The length is perfect.


- At the start I got immediatly attacked by several special infected. Before I even had control over my character, a charger was already charging towards us.

- The finale dragged on for FAR too long.

- Missing textures (and models? translucent face with a white outline and a diagonal line) at the finale.

- At the start I was having issue's finding where to go. Apparently I could climb the rebars. It was kind of confusing.


I really liked the map, but the finale dragged on too long. This map is definitely a recommended map!