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Alien Trilogy: Section 1 charger charger Posted 2 years ago

-skins, of cos
-map layout


-map 1-3 looks waaaay too simlar
-ALL 6 maps is finding buttons to press
-events are all the same
-quite boring
-cant tell how many button you still need to press
-ending is just... another room?


I dont think most of the maps even need arrows to tell you where to go, even this map.
HOWEVER, at least tell how many button/item you still have to find. That's quite stupid for us to get to doors which we cant open, and after we searh EVERY SINGLE INCH of the map, no more buttons/items can be found. And after we restart the map, it end up that door just being bugged. We DID what we need to, and the door just wont open.

Also, all 6 maps is jsut press buttons to win, nothing special, nothing more.