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Deathcraft II EternalNinja0 EternalNinja0 Posted 1 year ago

- Awesome Minecraft Theme.
- Good length.
- Detailed level design.
- Each chapter of the campaign is themed differently.
- Crafting table & items.
- Well balanced and consistent difficulty.
- Cool easter eggs of YouTubers and other characters.
- Witch is scary and unexpected.


- Weather effects hinder visibility too much.
- Jumping up the blocks is a little too high and you periodically get stuck or slowed down while running from infected. (Although I guess it is a visual scale thing too)


This campaign is great. Other than the weather effects being too strong, making it hard to navigate sometimes, it was great. As mentioned the size of each block is a little too high and I found myself getting stuck or slowed while jumping up the blocks sometimes, but it's obviously an aesthetic factor too. The maps are well balanced and have a good, consistent difficulty. I love the inclusion of the YouTubers and other characters lying dead throughout the maps. The Witch also gave me a nice surprise. Overall great map, but a few small things could be improved upon.