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-Helms Deep- Reborn flaarisse flaarisse Posted 2 years ago

- Great gameplay
- Chalenging for experienced players
- Requires Teamwork!
- Events
- Music
- Models
- map works in stages (areas unlocking)


- Nothing


The map is unique in its kind!, you can see that it is made by an very professional mapper.
If you haven't played this map , then you haven't lived either!
this map was the reason I bought L4d1 (and ofc L4d2 later)
@Karnork (comment beneath)
How can the option of turning of music be a con? you can choose for yourself to turn it of!
also you should try to temper your conclusion, you can't decide or force SeriouS_Samurai to make the things you named! and to help you out of your Dream: The hill is 3D skybox , meaning its a non-playable area wich isnt actually there, also animated models lag big time.