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I apologize for wasting your time. I honestly don't know what the hell I'm doing.
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Money-Survival Building Game
Money-Survival Building GameMoney-Survival Building Game Video

Updated 3/8/2013. A Let's Build map. Kill infected, get money. Build an escape car and play slots for items.

With your hard-earned savings...
*Order the crane to build a car in order to escape. Build-A-Car to improve your odds at the slots!
*Play slot machines to win items.
*Purchase barricades and drop them off at any build area. They can be picked-up, moved, or thrown away!

Thanks, Shotgunefx.

Powered by powerful Rimrook powering logic power!

Updated03/08/13Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1362807861 Views: 55085 Size: 11.01MB By: jsparakov L4D2
Badwater Basin
Badwater BasinBadwater Basin Video

This is an unadvertised Silent Update. They're just minor changes to make the campaign work again. A major update has an unknown ETA since the source map for that has been pulled apart.

Updated10/15/11Version: 3 (alpha)Updated: 1318734255 Views: 116718 Size: 255.1MB By: jsparakov L4D2
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