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Orange zombies Zombie.Ninja^^ Zombie.Ninja^^ Posted 4 years ago

- Scattered weapons made you explore before you start
- There was no "safe spots". when you go under of the building.. tanks can still get you. (stupid bots :D )
- Fantastic layout
- Where the machine gun, its hard to get out when tanks try to get you.
- Skybox was a fun little extra, its a great sniper spot.


- The tanks kept trying to go over the random boxes, it took up time. It was an advantage, but it took away the challenge.
- The random weapons made it actually easier to survive because if your running away, and ammo running low, there is more ammo near you... all the time.


Me and my friend had a fantastic time playing this map. It was challenging over all, but those little hints made it a little easier. I would definitely suggest this to people who are looking for a fun map to play. But do not take it seriously when you play, it seems to be made for fun.