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L4d 1&2 Map Maker Run To The Hills L4d2 Camp. Deadly End Camp.
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Deadly End
0/5 Maps Deadly End

When all hope is lost, where the military has let the people down, this truly could be a "Deadly End" to it all! For those that watchlisted this. Progress is moving along nicely. I have updated the screen shots as well.

Map 1 - 90%
Map 2 - 90%
Map 3 - 90%
Map 4 - 80%
Map 5 - 30%

Aiming for Mid Nov for a Public Release. Beta Tester will get it earlier of course.

08/05/11Version: 0 (unreleased)Updated: 1312592006 (60% Complete) Views: 6411 Size: 0MB By: LordNitro L4D2
Run To The Hills
5/5 Maps Run To The HillsRun To The Hills Video

"Apparently, The Ceda Team has an evacuation outpost setup at Ash Mountain...might as well head that way!"

v3.0 is released now...thanks to those people that helped me out alot along the way.. see changelog for the changes... as there is a lot of them.

Updated05/02/11Version: 3.0 (complete)Updated: 1304381134 Views: 118574 Size: 131.33MB By: lordnitro L4D2
The Run To The Hills Trailer - Video for Run To The Hills (campaign)
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The Run To The Hills Trailer Download Available
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Wan Li lordnitro lordnitro Posted 2 years ago

Great Layout
Nice Flow on the Great Wall
Lots of pickups.
Custom Textures
Custom Music
Epic Air Plane Idea


Map 3 - bots get stuck alot on the ice where the boat is
(may need a quick look at the nav for it)

Maybe too many gun pickups

as for Map 3... Will be hard for a team to finish in VS.
(But still a very good idea for a new one!)


Had a great time playing this camp. as i dont play as many because my mapping takes most of it. But have been following those mappers that have enter the "China Contest" and by far this is the best one I have played. And I feel that i am the right person to make this comment... As that mapper of Run to the Hills... It was nice to see another camp. done in the SNOW! , as we dont have too many of them.

(on a side note to that mapper himself) You may want to check the nav where the boat is located as some infect went to the boat dock to climb up , and then run along the ledge to get me.) shoot me a private msg and i could explain what happened..