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Dead Echo 2 grizzle grizzle Posted 3 years ago

Level design is really good. Lots of thought went into making a good 3d layout. There is a good amount of both flat and vertical traversing

As SG Heartless is so well known for, there are some REAL surprises in this campaign

Good supply of ammo and other goodies.


Some level detail is slightly lacking, but nothing terrible

1st map starts off with a rediculous endless hoard until you shut off the alarm. Fortunately that isn't very far.


One thing I noticed and that I really appreciate is the lighting. From the beginning where it is dark outside to the last map you really get the sense of time passing with the final map being early dawn....very well done.

Good textures and modeling, very good infact.

Unique features in the various maps make for some very interesting navigation.

NO TEXTURE ISSUES...but then SG Heartless wouldn't post crap unless it was thoroughly polished.