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Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses Golden Cat Golden Cat Posted 10 months ago

+ atmosphere of abandoned places.
+ interesting puzzles, interesting inscriptions, well-designed location. especially liked the map 3, where you can go two ways, though, and leading to the same place.


Map 2 or 3:
- Can be found in the cave village of metro 2033, and it does not fit the atmosphere of the campaign.

Map 4:
- we could not blow up the second pass of the second TNT. in the end, after an hour of walking around here and there we came out of the game.

All maps:
- Consistently low FPS, sometimes it drops to 15


I was waiting for this campaign for a long time and almost despaired of, when it came out. But, not all of its contents met my expectations. Alas, it is further developed and optimized.