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Starting on looking at source mapping and modding.
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Final Fantasy Music Pack
Final Fantasy Music PackFinal Fantasy Music Pack Video

Just a soundpack replacing music with different songs from Final Fantasy. I don't expect high reviews as I was just bored when I do this. It is not finished, but will be really quick here.

Will update every so often when I update a lot of sounds.

Sounds will be in changelog.

Updated07/20/11Version: 0.5 (beta)Updated: 1311181252 Views: 9064 Size: 106.75MB By: Astindan L4D2
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FF7 Boss Theme for Tank Download Available
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MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX II Astindan Astindan Posted 2 years ago

You never feel safe (You'll know what I mean)
Great theme
Challenging, but rewarding crescendo events.
Finale is very enjoyable.
Lots of Easter Eggs and Scares.
Great level design
Great Story within the levels
Great little scenes that play out that keep you moving.


Can get stuck in the bathrooms easily with the stall doors and cupboard doors.

Sentries don't fire fast enough rendering them very useless except for picking off one or two zombies.


This is definitely a campaign that had a lot of effort and time put into it. Definitley deserves a 98 due to some issues, but a campaign that deserves a try and is sure to be one you would enjoy. Just needs some polishing here and there and its a perfect campaign for any left 4 dead player.