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Dead Run A Rampant Ostrich A Rampant Ostrich Posted 3 years ago

- The campaign was very innovative with plenty of creative events.
- The HL2 music worked perfectly with it.
- Map designs were very good and creative.
- Great panic events.


- Level detail decreased as the campaign progressed.
- Countless areas where the bots had nav issues.
- Tier 1 weapons throughout the entirety of the campaign with the only tier 2 weapon being the hunting rifle.
- No first aid kits at the beginning of the 3rd and 4th levels.
- The 3rd level was ridiculously LONG. Cut it in half and make it a 5 map campaign.
- The stairs in the prison of level 3 slowed you down way to much when you went up them.
- The bots fell off the train very easily in the 3rd level.
- A general lack of survivor closets.
- The finale level was very bland and could use a lot more detail.


Overall, this campaign is pretty good. It's level design and creative events were very enjoyable, however there was a great decrease in quality as the campaign progressed. Level 3 was just ridiculous. When the bots died at the train I had to fight my way through the last part of the level alone, which included taking down a tank with nothing but a hunting rifle.
I really think this campaign is great, it just needs more work and I hope to see it more polished in the future.