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The Woods 2 Andrija Andrija Posted 3 years ago

-A lengthy campaign in the woods.
-Good woods design.
-Simple and fun
-Ammo cache locations are well-placed.
-Some improvement from original "the woods "


-Finale is really disappointing..the truck is already there and all you have to do is stand and wait on top of it.
-After all survivors made it to the end, you will all be shown in another safe room for a second.
-No cutscene for finale.
-Bus..why are there so many bus in the middle of the woods?
-The AI of bots are really pains in the ass. They trend to fall behind for about 20-30 metres, and several times they stop shooting in the face of hordes and the tank. Sometimes they refuse to help teammates at risk(Being dragged 15-20 metres from them and being slowly killed without a single shot coming from ANY of the bots)
-The sewer is very unpolished.


Worth a try.