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I'm Rick Charles, a paleontological enthusiast and avid PC gamer. My favorite game is Left 4 Dead 2, and I'm not a mod dev but I do enjoy installing add-ons... So that's why I'm here.
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Lost Archosaurus Archosaurus Posted 1 year ago

+Weapons and supplies were well-dispersed throughout the campaign.
+The maps were generally well-designed, not too short and not too long.
+Good night-to-day transition throughout the campaign.
+Amazing view on the rooftop in the finale.
+Can't go wrong with a zoo.


-Several maps seemed to rehash elements from the official Valve campaigns (a construction site, a swamp, a mall and a rooftop), which was disappointingly unoriginal.
-In the first couple of chapters or so, there were stationary wandering witches in nighttime settings that should have been the normal crouched witches.
-In the second chapter, the flooding effects were very poor; especially on the streets there was a crude transitioning between flooded areas and dry pavement. In addition, the water "texturing" (if that's the right term usage) seemed generally poor throughout the campaign.
-The third chapter did not seem to have the same quality map design the other chapters did.
-There were buggy issues with the skybox in some of the latter chapters of the campaign (I think chapters four and five specifically).
-Near the safehouse at the end of the fourth chapter, the map boundaries were clearly visible. It killed the engaging realism.


This was generally a fun campaign, the maps were detailed and beautifully designed despite the many issues I found with some of them. Honestly, the only reason I gave this campaign a try was because I heard it featured a zoo. I wish this campaign had centralized more around the zoo or some other unique setting rather than rehashing the traditional settings already featured in the official Valve campaigns. I don't think there is any reason for me to play this campaign again, it wasn't anything special and the cons outweigh the pros.