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Army of Sarcasm : Custom maps and campaigns.   (3 results)
No Longer Home
No Longer Home

Something bad happened here. Whoever fought off the first wave of zombies had prepared for another. But it looks like that attack never came. Now whoever lived here is gone, and we might be the next prey. Whatever this place may have been once, it's no longer home.

This map is a large house surrounded by dense forest based on a real house I used to live in. Limited entry points means there are several defensible spots inside, though close quarters can mean real trouble from the special infected. There is also an open area out back with some supplies that you can flee to when things get dicey.

Check out the video for gameplay.

 10/04/2013Version: 3 (final) Views: 23684 Size: 9.04MB By: Army of Sarcasm L4D2
Prommel's Apartment
Prommel's Apartment

Prommel is a thirtysomething metal worker from Vancouver who enjoys computer gaming, Toni Braxton, and drinking tea. With only one poorly-taken photo of one corner of his trash-strewn apartment as a guide, this is my best attempt to accurately recreate his living conditions. Can you survive Prommel's Apartment?

 02/20/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 16920 Size: 4.02MB By: Army of Sarcasm L4D2

You have been kept as human test subjects in an underground biological weapon research facility. A brief power failure has allowed a dangerous mutagen, code-named ZMB-13, to escape into the environment, turning everyone in the facility into the walking dead. Amazingly, your air filtration unit remained active during the blackout, sparing you from their fate. Now you must fight through the hordes to reach the surface and whatever rescue may await.

Update 7/11/2013 - Replaced the models that were removed from the game recently.

 07/11/2013Version: 4 (complete) Views: 72233 Size: 66.35MB By: Army of Sarcasm L4D2