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Terms of Use

Last Updated: August 8th, 2013

Comments, Reviews, Ratings and Posting Terms (1)

  • The use of foul language or hatred in comments, reviews or any location on l4dmaps.com will have you silenced or banned. This includes negative intent, harassment and/or discrimination against an individual or group.
  • Non-L4D content is strictly prohibited on L4Dmaps. All content, images, video's, and forum topics must be L4D related or targeted to the general interest of the L4D community. Any non-related content will be removed and your account will be warned or banned.
  • Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. This includes offering hosting services (charged and free), competitive services, solicitation etc. Recruiting members for your own projects (moderators, designers, professional MOD work, etc.) is not permitted and is also considered spam. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed.
  • Do not spam, flood or troll comments, reviews, forums or messages for any reason. This action may result in being banned.

Developer terms and conditions. (1a)
  • You may upload custom maps and mods as long as it does not contain any such following content.
    • Provocative sexual content is not allowed. This includes..
         - Closeup shots of breasts, buttocks, crotches.
         - Strategically covered nudity
         - Sheer or see-through clothing
         - Lewd or provocative poses
         - Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
         - Sexual fetishes (eg. Foot Fetish)
    • Defamatory, torturous, slanderous material.
    • Lotteries or gambling advertising.
    • Portraying illegal drugs.
    • Racism, hatred, or harm against any individual or group or nationality.
    • Copyrighted content or content without due credit.
    • Anything that offends the community as a whole or reflects negativity against L4Dmaps including its reputation.

      Such material will be removed and your account may be banned.

  • Your add-on may be removed additionally for the following reasons.
    • All map submissions should be taken seriously and accurately filled out.
    • All maps must have 'gameplay' screenshots that show the actual map / campaign.
    • Unreleased maps must be periodically updated to prevent removal due to inactivity.
    • Intentionally adding maps not intended for development may have your account banned.
    • Add-ons may be edited or removed by administrators to maintain site efficiency.
    • Reported by other members from the add-on details page. (see sec. 2)

Reporting Users / Add-ons (2)
  • You may report a player by visiting his / her profile by selecting from 7 options.
    • Spam, Troll, Harassment, Threat, Copyright, Inappropriate Username and Inappropriate Content.

      When a user has been reported numerous times for the same reason within a specific duration; The account is automatically restricted and can not post comments or add-ons If your account has been restricted you may contact us to gain full access.

  • You may report an add-on by visiting the details page and selecting from 6 options.
    • Spam, Troll, Copyright, Inappropriate Content, Duplicate Content, Inaccurate Media.

      When an add-on has been reported numerous times for the same reason within a specific duration; The add-on is automatically abandoned. If your add-ons are abandoned numerous times your account will become restricted. If your account has been restricted you may contact us to gain full access.

    Downloads and Conditions (3)
    • Game images and screen shots may differ based on game settings and / or map versions and may not reflect the actual game experience.
    • Always scan all downloads with anti-virus software using the latest virus definitions.

    Unauthorized changes to any core L4D files and components (excluding maps, .bsp, .nav) may be prohibited by Valve which may return undesired results. L4Dmaps is not liable for any computer or 3rd party account issues before or after visiting, downloading or referring to content on this site.

    Map / Campaign Submissions (4)

    Maps and campaigns can be added by any individual resulting in distribution across the world. For quality assurance to our visitors; listings may be edited, revised or disabled at any time.

    • The right of reproduction;
    • The right of distribution, and
    • The right to make publicly available.

    The terms ensures that he/she is entitled to grant the actions of Sec. 3 and that no rights of any third parties will be violated by L4Dmaps in use of the software. For information on how to abandon / remove your map see below. (sec. 5)

    Map Abandoned / Removal (5)
    Developers can abandon maps at any time to discontinue development. This will alert visitors with a custom message why it has been abandoned. Abandoned maps will no longer be publicly displayed on the site. The map details page will still exist and is required to notify players that your map / campaign has been abandoned. Once your map / campaign has been abandoned it is at risk of being removed from our system.

    Premium Servers (6)

    The Premium Servers are intended to ensure you have a way to download a file even when mirrors are offline or slow. Although our goal is to make these servers as fast and as efficient possible, they are not intended to provide ultra download speeds. Download speeds from premium servers may fluctuate based on server load, member origin (location), or in rare cases may become unresponsive or unreachable or disconnected due to packet loss.

    If you have any questions or experience any issues with the premium servers, please contact us.

    Premium Accounts (7)

    All members have the option to upgrade to a premium account. We use PayPal as a secured credit processor and you may need to verify with your bank whether or not you can make online payments with your credit / debit card. No card or billing information is stored on our servers and this is all handled by PayPal. Please contact your bank if you have issues making a payment.

    You do not need to be a paypal member in order to purchase premium access. Please view the payment processing page for further payment options.

    Avatars & Profiles (8)

    All avatars and profiles can be removed or reset by staff at any time for any reason. Please ensure your avatar is appropriate and follows the basic guidelines below.
    • Pornographic images.
    • Not intended for advertising / promoting products.
    • No foul language.

    Private Messages (8b)

    To deter spam and provide better communication to our community we have implemented a private message system. Because these are private, we are not able to assist in harassment, spam or any messages with a negative intent. If you encounter a message you do not want to read, simply press the delete button.

    Our Commitment To Data Security and Privacy (9)

    To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

    For more information on your privacy, please view our privacy policy.

    Account Removal / Cancellation (10)

    You have the option to remove your account from our system and database at any time. You must have your password ready before doing so. Please note for security purposes this does not remove your add-ons. (this feature is currently offline and undergoing upgrades)

    Updates / How To Contact Us (11)

    This terms of use may be updated periodically and it is your responsibility to check and keep up to date with any changes or additions. Should you have other questions or concerns about the terms of use, please contact us.