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Mudwoman Rochelle

Author: PappasKurtz (17)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
member8.2 critic7.9
1 Maps Available

--Fixed the left wrist
--Improved jigglebone behavior in the hair
--Improved upper-body seams and texture
--Adjusted lighting/phong on the body overall
--Improved lip syncing
--Added Levels of Detail (LODs)


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

08/21/2011 Version: 2.0 (complete) Size: 12.05MB File: mudwoman_rochelle.vpk Downloads: 1,992 Views: 43,469

Rochelle tries a less urbane spa treatment...

This model features Rochelle in a more liberal outfit inspired by the "mud men" uncommon infected from Swamp Fever.

Tagged: Rochelle, Survivor

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36 Comments and 4 Reviews
charinxx charinxx Posted 2 months ago

i just want the hair ahhaha !!

Jenny333 Jenny333 Posted 6 months ago

That hair, is like the beta!

CrazyMikeComics CrazyMikeComics Posted 1 year ago

Could you please add a version of her with shoes or sandals? Just bare feet kinda ruins this skin for me. But I still use it.

cejota14 cejota14 Posted 1 year ago

Wow, the hair is so cool, you should make some long dreadlocks for Ro :D

zero881 zero881 Posted 1 year ago

can you make rochelle mod that replaces vanilla hair with that hair if you please

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Recent reviews for Mudwoman Rochelle.
Mudwoman Rochelle AngelAhiru AngelAhiru Posted 2 years ago

The hair goes with Rochelle's character
The top is adorable
LOVE the Pedicure
Very stylish belt and capris


Would like to see sandles on just for the sake of logic (that would be painful to travel so far without any shoes)


This skin is my official default skin for Rochelle! I can see this becoming a trend in the near future with other outfits and such. Really tremendous work.

Mudwoman Rochelle
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