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Scorpion - (replaces Ellis)

Author: CriticMr Lanky (130)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/05/2011 Version: 1 (final) Size: 4.87MB File: ellis_scorpion.vpk Downloads: 4,866 Views: 20,697


Get over hear and listen up! From ripping heads off opponents to burning others to a crisp, Scorpion has came to show all you mortals hows blood is to be shed. Unfortunately while using this mod Ellis will be killed off.

25 Comments and 1 Reviews
st-MK st-MK Posted 4 months ago

How about... Raiden?

mikopr mikopr Posted 7 months ago

Can you do a mortal kombat 9 sonya blade?

Preferably replacing rochelle or in the alternate outfit with the shorts and hat

But any thing will do.


BatmanTheDarkKnight27 BatmanTheDarkKnight27 Posted 11 months ago

hey man, since you did these models from MK, could you do some models from Injustice, like Batman, Superman, or wonder woman?

Addbue Addbue Posted 1 year ago

This would be great for Francis.

rain23231322 rain23231322 Posted 1 year ago

do i can work? and can you make rain for nick?

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Recent reviews for Scorpion - (replaces Ellis).
Scorpion - (replaces Ellis) Vicnyk Vicnyk Posted 2 years ago

Like the Scorpion totally
He have piils
His fatality is with fire weapons...groovy


Bug on some grounds
However, he have 2 swords
The arms of him don't is realistic like the others.


Make other fighters to my map, I want creat a map with this mod and images....

Scorpion - (replaces Ellis)
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