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Painis Cupcake for Hunter

Author: VincentorGame: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Painis Cupcake Soundpack has been added to the download.

When getting low pitched and/or incomplete sounds, run snd_rebuildaudiocache in console, it will fix the problems

Some sounds might still be default due typo's in the sound files i made, will be fixed later.

08/08/2011 Version: 0.6 (beta) Size: 11.28MB File: painiscupcake_hunter.vpk Downloads: 1,023 Views: 11,966

Something i created in spare time, replaces the Hunter's sounds to Painis Cupcake's lines.

Video coming soon. Please check changelog first.


put the .vpk into your addons folder.

If you double click on the .vpk , i don't guarantee it will work. I prefer putting it into addons.

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AnimeSprays3 AnimeSprays3 Posted 1 year ago

can you make a pains cupcake replacer for the witch? its a sound mod out but no model

download it at www(.)l4dmaps(.)com/details.php?file=21951

2 months ago
Msuarez14 Msuarez14 Posted 2 years ago

He says his lines very slowly, is it supposed to do that?

Yes, i suppose you can fix that by running snd_rebuildaudiocache in console, then wait a while until it's done.

2 years ago
Traffic Cone Traffic Cone Posted 2 years ago

Damn it!
Now whos going to kill Painis Cupcake with bottles!?

Vincentor0 Vincentor0 Posted 2 years ago

Currently working on


Sorry for this uncomplete sentence, what i tried to say was, I'm working on a replacement for the hunter with a hunter-skinned soldier model from Team Fortress 2.

2 years ago
DeadFromHeaven DeadFromHeaven Posted 2 years ago

He used a portal from TF2 to L4D2.

.....we are all doomed.

Nope, He had Vagineer build him a Teleporter from Tf2 -----> L4D2

2 years ago
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Painis Cupcake for Hunter
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