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Delorean Test

Author: CriticMr Lanky (130)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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started adding wreck details
fixed up holes in mesh that were showing...
removed insides since you don't see them
finish up damage
replace wheels with real ones
animate it for the finale in the mall

09/13/2011 Version: 0.1 (beta) Size: 6.95MB File: delorean.vpk Downloads: 645 Views: 7,522

This is a quick test I did to see about replacing vehicles in the game with other vehicles from other games. This one replaces jimmy gibbs' car with the delorean from back to the future. Eventually it will be a complete replacement, right now it's just what you see here. Several updates needed. Yes, I know those are not the right wheels lol. they're just placeholders. ;)

Tagged: delorean, Vehicle

28 Comments and 0 Reviews
oscarzhang88 oscarzhang88 Posted 1 year ago

what does it do?

sits there and look awesome

1 year ago
ferretsshadow ferretsshadow Posted 2 years ago

awesome now I can change jimmy gibbs posters to doc brown posters

BlazingOwnager CriticBlazingOwnager Posted 2 years ago

If I wasn't so tied up doing my campaign right now, I'd totally do a gimmick map with this to go back in time and rescue Bill.

I support this idea. With all of my money.

2 years ago

You have no idea how many people I'd kill to just play a preview of that.

2 years ago

just take one of the back to the future half-life maps and convert it for l4d if that's what you want

2 years ago

that sounds like an awsome idea

2 years ago

Oh god... most epic idea ever...

2 years ago

I Would Love To See That Happen.

1 year ago
megaeric megaeric Posted 2 years ago

i can't wait to download this!!!!

HydroPanda HydroPanda Posted 2 years ago

Out of ALL the cars...you choose the bets one;) Amazing! I can't WAIT to get this when it's done.

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Delorean Test
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