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MSG90 Full Auto (Replacement for M16)

Author: RPDSurvivor - American Hero (31)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Fixed the need for the White MSG90 skin to be present in the addons folder for this mod to work.


Beta version atm.
Hoping to get a modler like Arby26 or Mr. Lanky to help me make a model of the Military Sniper without the scope attached on it.

Whatever skin you have on the Military Sniper will be applied to the M16A2 as well as the Military Sniper, making it difficult to tell one from another.

10/09/2011 Version: 2.0 (alpha) Size: 1.55MB File: msg90 replacement for m16a2.vpk Downloads: 304 Views: 6,234

This is just an idea so far.
All I've done is swapped models and textures (So for those of you using my White MSG90 mod there you go).
There is a glitch at the moment where you cannot have another Military Sniper mod while you have this mod installed, or else you cannot tell which weapon is which.

Tagged: Sniper, Weapon, Rifle

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Sartorius Sartorius Posted 2 years ago

This is awesome, but wouldn't it make more sense if it was an AK47 replacement?

The assault rifle this sniper is based on, the G3, uses a similar ammo caliber and has a similar rate of fire to the AK.

Either way, I still like it.

Not to be rude, but, the sniper in this game is based off an HK-91.

2 years ago

I personally don't care about realism names anymore. Either way H&K makes the 91 and MSG90 so it's whatever.

2 years ago

Well, it's not an H&K 91. It's a G3/SG1.

2 years ago
TheOneAndOnlyPyroGuy TheOneAndOnlyPyroGuy Posted 2 years ago

might i have a suggestion you put the full auto on the original MSG90 but when you use a scope it gos semi auto

2bor-not2b 2bor-not2b Posted 2 years ago

Well, just tried this new update and it went back to being completely invisible. With your other mod in there, I could see it until I picked it up, but now with just this mod in there, I don't see it at all anymore. It's a nice idea and I would like to use it but since it is invisible, it doesn't work very well. It"s to bad to because I really like that gun, I just don't like carrying it as the sniper rifle. Thanks anyway.

Damn sorry to hear. Works fine for me. :S

I'm going to put this into Alpha/Private mode and see if I can fix the invisibile weapon bug.

2 years ago
DoingGreat! DoingGreat! Posted 2 years ago

Updated people.
Read the changelog for info.

2bor-not2b 2bor-not2b Posted 2 years ago

Well, I just tried it with your other skin in there ( which by the way is pretty cool ) and it kinda worked. I could see it plain as day until I picked it up, then it went invisible. If I dropped it, visible again, pick it up, invisible. So, I will try the new update when it comes out and see if that works. Thanks for the help.

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MSG90 Full Auto (Replacement for M16)
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