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Author: CriticStay Puft (71)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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10/20/2011 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 0.53MB File: bnc.vpk Downloads: 1,307 Views: 10,556

It's a flail! Includes jiggle bones to simulate a realistic chain. Place this in your custom maps or use a melee unlocker to use in campaigns.

Tagged: Weapon, Model, Melee

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Melee Weapon Pack TB/SP

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towertooth5 towertooth5 Posted 1 year ago


gabzki211 gabzki211 Posted 1 year ago

can u add all ur melee weapon packs together that would be awsome!

crasher_3637 crasher_3637 Posted 1 year ago

This works fine with me. It's my most used melee weapon. For some reason, I like seeing heads smashed by this. :)

Atlas2 Atlas2 Posted 2 years ago

It doesn't work and i cannot find it or type it on console.
I have the Melee Unlocker but this weapons doesn't work
pls help me

Im having the same problem. :I

2 years ago

Well i tried to delete them and download the longsword then the longsword was an error but its working when i used it.
The weapon is error but when you also thirdperson or thirdpersonshoulder you will see the sword and the shield was in your character's hand.A few days didnt work but now it worked.

2 years ago
BillzHere BillzHere Posted 2 years ago

Does it have to be a specific melee unlocker? Because the Longsword didn't work, though I have both Scripts and Missions.

The Reak Ellis: You can go ahead and add all my custom weapons to your Melee Unlocker.
-Stay Puft

2 years ago
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