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G-Man (Nick)

Author: CriticSplinks (173)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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HANDS NEED A BIT MORE ATTENTION ON THE 3RD PERSON VIEW, but so far I pretty much have this character finally non-glitchy.

Wooo ^^

Now shake your booty in celebration!

11/14/2011 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 10.04MB File: NICK_G-Man.vpk Downloads: 2,443 Views: 10,670

Shit just got real my friends...

G-man is here and only God knows what will happen Now.

Tagged: Nick, Gaming, Survivor

22 Comments and 2 Reviews
wolfzity wolfzity Posted 1 year ago

if hi had his little suitcase this would be even more awasome

marterc marterc Posted 2 years ago

in first pic his ear is funny looking...

and side fo his face

2 years ago
geno28 geno28 Posted 2 years ago

Someone should make a mod that replaces Nick with Phoenix Wright...

Rainbow Genesis Rainbow Genesis Posted 2 years ago

Rise and shine...ms.rochelle...
Rise and shine.

Infected Joker Infected Joker Posted 2 years ago

Could you make the Hitler(Hunter) skin for Ellis and Obama(Witch) as Coach or Rochelle? Having G-man as nick is good;D

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G-Man (Nick) [KIRBY] [KIRBY] Posted 2 years ago

+hl2:ep3 delayed forever
+one more reason to use crowbar in l4d2
+have i already mentioned gman?




gman in l4d2 caused super time paradox because gman was supposed to be main character in left 4 fortress - strike 3: super hat edition.

good job anyway

G-Man (Nick)
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