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Deathcraft II

Author: CriticSpecial KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418 (4)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 6/6
member9.5 critic9.7 Co-op map for co-op play
Winter Wonderland
6/6 Maps Available
  • - The Last Minecart
  • - Lava Lake Ravine
  • - Stronghold Tunnels
  • - Nether Fortress
  • - Mycelium Island
  • - Minecraft Evolution (Bonus level)
Campaign Status: 100% Complete
Deathcraft Vanilla UPDATED: http://www.mediafire.com/?kh8pgf8nbgl2awa


Added missing fire model in the end
Added particles effects for the torches in the Ravine starting saferoom
Updated Uzi model so it doesn't fire with the hands
Updated dragon model with smoother flying animation

Deathcraft 2.0 Update:
Minecraft guns, replacing every firearm in the game into a blocky, Minecraft style, using Arby's animations.
Minecraft items, relpacing pretty much every equippable item, minus things like gascans, which aren't included in the campaign now. The items are relpaced with the closest minecraft equivalent item, such as a golden apple for a health kit and a fire charge for a molotov.
New tank model. Iron Golem is now the tank on all levels except for the Nether, where the Ghast model is the tank.
Obsidian is now the new tank rock model, as it spawns natrally on all realms, and is a tough material.
Ender Dragon boss fight. Custom boss fight with custom animation and custom sounds. The End was boring in the first version, people asked for a fight, and here's what I made. By no means is it an easy task getting there, it requires you to follow the right steps through the first 3 levels, once you're in there, theres only one way out. The fight itself is split into 2 parts, the first part is completely custom and something I thought up, the second half is more like the original battle, yet with some different touches.
Equipable pumpkin (gnome) head.
3 level span of an easter egg, which leads to the boss fight.
A reward if you defeat the enderdragon!
Custom particle effects. Custom particles everywhere, ranging from the nether portal, to the explosions to the mobs, such as the smoker/enderman, to the fire and flame effects, everything has been overhauled pretty much to make it less realistic and more minecrafty.
Added a fishing rod melee weapon, relpaced one of the Aether weapons to a better one, as well as adding a secret, special sword.
New songs added, one for the dragon boss fight too.

Updated levels to fit with the most current version of Minecraft. There's a couple of Anvils, item frames, and flower pots for decoration.
Updated some textures to make them look a lot better, such as the end portal now looks more 3d in a 2d space, the sea floor on the finale looks more seamless, and some have been updated to match with the latest update, like gravel.
It's now a bit easier to see in the first level. The overal brightness has been increased and the snow is now a little bit transparent, so it's not as 'in your face'
The inventory is now fixed so it shouldnt bug out in multiplayer.
Doors are now slower and shouldnt instantly close in multiplayer.
Less zombies on the ravine panic event.
The zombie pigman is now the original Blood zombie pigman, so it's a little easier to tell the difference between the zombies and the charger in the nether.
Fixed the rescue vehicle getting stuck when escaping.
Fixed supplies not spawning in the 2nd level.
Reduced amount of SI in places and made it so that certain SI wouldn't spawn in places where surivors could potentially be taken into insta death.
Updated custom HUD
Removed lobby icons so it doesn't show up on any campaign
Fixed (probably) any spots where survivors have even the slight possibility of getting out of a playable zone.
Updated Herobrine's eyes so they glow in the dark.
All sprites are now relpaced with particle effects, so they should work on multiplayer properly.

Few things to note:
Disable the campaign in the addons list when not playing it, and disable other campaigns/mods when playing for the full experience.
If you get an error with the w_bat in it, you most likely have a pirated copy of the game and I cant help you with that problem.
Thanks everyone for the total 1.5million views and 700,000 downloads! Never did I think it would become that big, and that's why I was trying so hard to get this update out to the best of my ability.
People who I'd like to add to the credits for their help in making this update:
Stinger: Your help with particle effects, and your fantastic enchantment book, as well as releasing all your work to the public, make you a BAMF
Arby26: Your animation were a key in getting the Minecraft guns to work, without them, it wouldn't have been possible unless I had to make them myself (which I wouldn't have)
To whoever made the dragon animations and sound, I would credit you, but I have no idea who made them!
Splinks: Once again, thanks for the Enderdragon rig, and the new Iron Golem model!
MYUNKNOWN22: Thanks for testing the guns and items multiple times.
Caution & Crisis: For their remix of the song 'Sweden'


Deathcraft Vanilla Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?q64buzpra3jzyz6 (new version)


Deathcraft's First release

*It requires add-on support.*
Deathcraft is a very heavy custom content campaign, I don't know many other campaigns that have custom survivors, custom HUD, special infected and common infected models, melee weapons, ammo stacks, saferoom doors and tons of custom textures and models.
Bots are stupid. I've tried my best, but they don't pick up everything.
It is advised that when playing the campaign, HUD skins, infected, survivor and melee weapon mods are disabled, as they would overwrite the custom content in-game, so the experience won't be as good.
When not playing Deathcraft, it is advised that it's disabled from the Add-ons list. If you have it enabled you may get consistency errors with the Special Infected, and if you play Deathcraft first and then play another campaign without restarting the game, you may find the zombie ragdolls are messed up.
The mods linked in the add-on links are already in the campaign, so they are not necessary to install. However if you like the mods, feel free to download them seperately.
IDf you get a 1300/-weapons_melee_spawn: UTIL_SetModel: not precached models/weapons/melee/w_bat.mdl error, your game it probably pirated, just but the game cos it's damn awesome!
The animated textures (Fire,Water, Lava etc) are made by DJ Lukis Lt. I gave a shoutout to him in the campaign, and I have no idea how he got them from Minecraft, must be in a hidden file somewhere :P So thank you for them!
DJ Lukis also has a Minecraft Model pack, used especially in the Minecraft Evolution level, go check it out here and support his work http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=131565
Big thanks to Tranchera for the L4D1 survivor skins, they look awesome
Thanks to everyone who's skins show up during the campaign, unfortunately I don't know the exact authors are for a lot of skins, because there's a lot of reposts, but thanks anyway, I chose the best quality skins I could find.

If you have any problems with playing the campaign or anything wrong with it, please comment about it and I'll to get onto the problem as soon as possible.
There have been tons of changes between this campaign and the first one, hence why it took so long to port. Comments and reviews are appreciated, and hope you enjoy the campaign!
11/05/2012 Version: 2.1 (complete) Size: 285.03MB File: deathcraft2.1.vpk Downloads: 2,777,622 Views: 3,473,335

2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. A Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign.

For a no-mods version of this campaign, check the changelog.

Please read the changelog before commenting/reviewing if you're having any problems, I really won't appreciate a 1.0/10 review saying 'It's not working'.

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1497 Comments and 191 Reviews
hermyherman hermyherman Posted 5 days ago

What does the error say?

GL_tapan GL_tapan Posted 2 weeks ago

can u support it on versus mode, it crashes every time I load the game

bariringprince bariringprince Posted 2 weeks ago

can u add 2.0.07 version for that campaign i really want that but my l4d2 is outdated

rafi9903 rafi9903 Posted 4 weeks ago

Best Mod :D

Extvia Extvia Posted 1 month ago

You should put the previous version back up for download for the Vanilla version until you fix it

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Recent reviews for Deathcraft II.
Deathcraft II codemanj94 codemanj94 Posted 1 month ago

-Custom textures, models, weapons, sounds, hud.
-Creative maps. Liked the variety.
-HAS A STORY. Unlike most campaigns.
-Spoopy Herobrine.
-Alright finale.
-Unique events, like tnt, lava, and water on lava.
-Easter Egg. Very nice add.


-Sometimes the map loads an extreme amount of armored zombies, and it is then almost impossible to play. Returning to lobby and restarting usually fixes this.
-Hitboxes can be hard to determine.
-Snow particles too thick.


Great concept. Well executed. Not many bugs.

Deathcraft II
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